The Most Fire Vintage Outfits Worn by Rappers

The Most Fire Vintage Outfits Worn by Rappers

The Most Fire Vintage Outfits Worn by Rappers

Whether it's the infinite style wisdom of A$AP Rocky or the unique fashion eye of Yung Lean, both know how to pull off a vintage piece or two. Rap has always been influential in the fashion world, whether it's Run DMC making Adidas popular or the grime scene having everyone wear tracksuits in the UK; here is how the best artists are looking towards vintage clothing to create a distinguished look.

These are 10 rappers, wearing killer vintage fits.


The Nothing Great About Britain rapper is wearing a vintage t-shirt from D.A.R.E. - a program that aimed to keep children off drugs and has turned into a grail vintage item. The front of the t-shirt sports the slogan "D.A.R.E. to keep kids off drugs" using a colourful print for the organisation's name.

Playboi Carti

American rap sensation Playboi Carti took things back to 1996 with this vintage Horde Festival merch tee. With a pink, blue and yellow tie dye print and a small rip on the collar, this gives an authentic hippy vibe which is looking like a big trend for the upcoming summer.

Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner has a strong connection with Eric Cantona due to him being his fathers favourite player and he has a song dedicated to the ex-Manchester United player in memory of his father who passed away. The south London rapper is wearing his dad's old Eric Cantona shirt while performing live here.


Taken from the video for Praise the Lord video, Skepta is sporting a classic London staple, a leather Avirex jacket, for the video which shows growing up in London next to New York.

A$AP Rocky

The other artist who features on Praise The Lord, Rocky is undeniably a style icon and has been wearing more vintage clothes of late. Here he wears a well worn Hootie & the Blowfish shirt layered on top of a long sleeve D.A.R.E. T-shirt.

Lil Uzi Vert

Going for archive high fashion, the rapper who can't decide if he has retired wore a Helmut Lang jacket from SS'04 paired with Hysteric Glamour snake denim jeans.

Rejjie Snow

Irish rapper Rejjie Snow's love for a vintage football shirt is well documented and here is pulling off a retro Arsenal top along with a bucket hat for a 90s steeze that matches the artist's music.

Yung Lean

Arguably the man who can be credited for the current popularity of The North Face, Yung Lean wore a simple pair of joggers and Nike Air Forces to match with a vintage Ed Hardy shirt.


Another Rapper who is feeling the old school roadman look, Cas is repping an Avirex jacket in the video for his single Pat Earrings. Next to him, the all black Avirex jacket that Palace referenced for their collaboration with the American label is worn.

Kanye West

An artist with undeniable fashion clout, Kanye is wearing a vintage Pink Floyd T-shirt as a statement piece in an otherwise underwhelming outfit.