Welcome to THRIFTY TOWEL, a sustainable vintage fashion brand offering a curated edit of handpicked luxury fashion, streetwear and iconic sports wear items. Since establishing in 2016 initially selling personal garments steadily growing, to now globally sourcing only the best in vintage clothing brands including, Burberry, Comme des Garçons, Supreme, Fendi, Versace, Stussy and much much more! Thrifty Towel aims to implement a lasting culture of change through vintage fashion.

Fast Fashion is F*king up our world!

-Apparels industry is the worlds most highest pollutant

-Mass produced style purposely not made to last. 

-1.5 million tonnes of clothing goes to landfill every year 

more on the effects of fast fashion check out our blog post ....


-Ethically sourcing from countries including those most effected by fabric waste,  by slowing down the devastating impact.

-Buying one used product reduces its carbon footprint by 82%

-Our vintage and retro garments are carefully selected ensuring quality is of a high standard so your wardrobe is full of your style. 

-By choosing Thrifty Towel together we will each make a big difference in creating an eco friendly world putting a stop to wasteful fast fashion. 

"Secretly saving the world, is good sense of style, come join" 


Quality Not Quantity

Please note - it takes time to source the pieces available. Contrary to the popular retail model, all our items are hand picked and packed.....it’s about Quality not Quantity!

Your Style!

THRIFTY TOWEL believes in your individuality. Working with valued partners we globally source our pieces ensuring that no two items on thriftytowel.com are identical. So you can truly articulate yourself to the world with confidence.




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