Your Style EP 2: GuiltyBeatz

Your Style EP 2: GuiltyBeatz

Your Style EP 2: GuiltyBeatz

In the second episode of our new series ‘Your Style’ we at Thrifty Towel sit down with music producer Ronald Banful better known as GuiltyBeatz.

One of Africas top producers in recent years, we speak to him about what inspires him and how it has been working with some of the greatest artists on the planet.

"Freedom. Love. Expression" 

Below, is the one to one we had with GuiltyBeatz here at Thrifty Towel… 


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Guitybeatz certainly isn’t a new name in the music scene. From dominance in Africa’s music industry to global expansion, you may not be able to put a face to the name or vice versa but you’ll definitely recognise this talented Ghanaians music. For causal music fans it's likely your first introduction to him would have come years ago. Collaborating with one of Africa’s biggest stars Mr.Eazi in 2015 saw the release of “Sample You”, going on to become one Mr.Eazi’s breakthrough hit, putting both names on the map globally.


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In years to come, the producer has gone on to work with some of west Africas biggest artists. Working with the likes of WizKid, Pappy Kojo, Jesse Jagz and Wande Coal. However, his breakthrough project as a solo artist came through the release of his own single “Akwaaba” in 2018. Released under Banku Music, a collective banded together by Mr.Eazi, “Akwaaba” and its corresponding dance soon went viral across all continents.

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The song and dance soon becoming a staple piece for GuiltyBeatz, making him one of the most influential and recognisable producers coming out of west Africa. A year on from “Awkaaba” came arguably his biggest project to date, producing three songs for Beyoncé’s album The Lion King: The Gift. He was credited with the production of 3 songs on the album, “Already”, “Find Your Way Back” and “Keys to The Kingdom”. Picking up Collaboration of the Year at the 2020 BreakTudo Awards for “Already” along with various other individual awards in recent years. It is fair to say that this producer is one for the now and future, driving the sound of Africa to the world.


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Sum up your style in three words?

Freedom. Love. Expression.


What item have you worn the most in 2020?

It has to be hoodies and joggers.


What aspect of DJing do you enjoy the most?

Mixing, having a badass mix and crowd reaction.


What’s your top 3 artists in your life?

Michael Jackson, George Benson, Barry White.


What was it like producing for Beyoncé?

It was life changing to be honest. I got up close and personal to see how things were run on that side of the world


What inspires your music?

A lot of things. Sometimes it’s just a random thought, could be humans, could be anything really. I listen to a song and I’m like, I can really flip this song, reverse engineer this song to make it mine.


What gave you the drive to peruse music as a career?

Id say jazz. I used to listen to jazz a lot; you know jazz is just instrumentals so I was thinking I could actually make music. I just loved it from jump, and I thought I could do this.  


What advice would you give to emerging/upcoming producers?

Just keep working every day- every day make a beat. The best thing that happened to me was I was recommended a lot coming up. Anyone that heard my beat was like ‘this beat is different’, so I’d say just be different. Anytime people heard my beat they’d be like this guy’s different, so they’d work with me and be ‘like work with guilty’. They kept recommending me to everybody. Also stay humble, pray, meditate, all that good stuff.


Final question, music is?

Makes me speechless; music is everything.

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