Style Check: Lil Yachty's Rarest Vintage Fits

Style Check: Lil Yachty's Rarest Vintage Fits

Style Check: Lil Yachty's Rarest Vintage Fits

A divisive figure in rap, Lil Yachty has been used as the poster boy for the demise of hip-hop as well as heralded as a leader for the latest generation of rappers. One thing he is not credited for enough though, is his style. The 21-year-old almost single-handily brought Ralph Lauren's Polo Sport line and Nautica (a brand that he is now a creative designer for) back into the forefront of vintage fashion. The brand's nautical lines acted as a perfect way for the rapper to present the sailing theme that runs throughout all of his projects. 

Having now been in the limelight for several years, Yachty has diversified his fashion to include more archival 'grail' pieces that are hard to come by. Old pieces from labels such as Undercover, Vivienne Westwood and Comme Des Garcons are being sported by the rapper and effortlessly added into outfits. Alongside these, the artist has a love for streetwear labels BAPE and Ice Cream's colourful creations, which dominated street fashion in the 90s and early 00s thanks to Pharrell.

Here are the rappers best vintage fits, with a break down of the vintage pieces at the end.

Want to know exactly what vintage pieces Lil Boat was flexing in these fits? Here is a breakdown of them all:

1: Ice Cream 'running dog' jeans

2: Undercover Undercoverism 68 jeans

3: BAPE Pink Camo T-shirt and Ice Cream X Reebok Board Flip sneakers

4: Vintage sweatshirt

5: Vivienne Westwood Autumn-Winter 2003 "Hercules and Omphale" full set

6: BAPE Cotton Candy Camo Hoodie

7: Chanel vintage jeans

8: Come Des Garcons Spring-Sumer 2000 Patchwork jeans and a Bjork T-shirt